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Our Technology


Integrated heat design

Our team of engineers have spent months developing and refining techniques that enable our advanced carbon element to efficiently trace around the fingers of the glove, keeping the most important part of your hands warm and providing freedom of movement. 

Three temperature levels

The Ellesmere gloves offer three temperature choices, ranging from 40-50°C. They are activated by a button on the cuff of the glove that can be hidden under you coat sleeve while remaining accessible enough to activate the heat or change settings. The LED indicating your current temperature setting is designed to go off after 15 seconds, thereby preserving precious battery power.

Etip and strong grip technology

We have designed our gloves with practicality in mind. Whether you’re driving a car, riding a bike or pushing a pram, we’ve integrated strong grip technology into the palm of the gloves, so whatever you’re doing, you can feel in control. Also we’ve added e-tip technology, meaning you can use your mobile devices without ever having to expose your hands to the elements.